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Slipform systems

Slipform systems is the best way to build high vertical monolith constructions. This method is used in building vertical structures: high rise buildings, water towers, chimneys, TV towers etc. Unlike traditional formwork systems, Slipform system is composed of plastic panels. Slipform systems are build upon sliding principle. Dimensional formwork that is adjusted to vertical monolith construction by perimeter is lifted up by jack by the concreting process. Slipform system’s main elements are: formwork panels, upper platform, working platform (concrete surface control, finishing work), jack frames, hydraulic jack. All the system’s elements are high quality products, so its enable accurate and qualitative monolith construction’s building process. System is equipped with leveling devises to control its shape and dimentions.

Systems opportunities:
- Safety, no crane needed, no forms removing;
- Automatic operating system;
- Quick building process;
- Time and cost saving due to fast building method and small number of workers;
- Easy to supervise concrete quality and steel reinforcement installation.

Concrete is poured into forms layer by layer, each layer is 20cm in average. Interval between two pouring is about 30 minutes.


News & Events
International building exhibition RESTA 2008 in Klaipeda

On 9th -12th of April, 2008 EUROPACK LLP company took part in international building exhibition RESTA 2008 in Klaipeda, Lithuania. From the first day of the exhibition our production has turned local building companies’ interest.
In the second half of the year 2007 in Mariupol (Ukraine) we have built the warehouse
In the second half of the year 2007 in Mariupol (Ukraine) we have built the warehouse for our offered products storage by ourselves.
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