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Plastic formwork systems: EH, EE series

Plastic formwork systems: EH, EE series are new word in monolith building. It helps to make building process easier. Our offered formwork systems satisfy all the requirements not only for product quality, but for building quality, too. Formwork systems are very popular in civil and industrial engineering in Asia and America. In the years 2006-2008 formwork systems has been modernized many times. All the defects discovered in practice are averted, panel construction is lightened, and industrial technologies are improved. Manufacturing process started with «G» panels. As plastic formwork systems in some way are innovation, «G» panels were pilot batch. Analyzing working with these panels ways of product improvement were found. On the base of received information «EH» panels manufacturing has started. The main difference from «G» panels was in technical characteristics - ribbed stiffener. It is easy to use «ЕН» panels because assembling process is facilitated. Since the year 2008 FUVI COPPHA is developing new product - «EZ» panels. From prior products «EZ» panels differ with greater lightness despite previous load factors.

Basic benefits using plastic formwork - Re-use Rate up to 100 times. Panels are carefully engineered and tested to endure the hard working conditions that are related to the building and construction industry.
- Easy to assemble Panels are joined with (I-pin) inserts from the back side of the panel living no joint marks on concrete surface. - Various sizes, slide fitting capability. Various sizes are available, different length and width to fit your needs. Size up to 500x2000 mm. Panels can slide fit to any corner, dimension and difficult intersections.
- Smooth panel surface. Minimize concrete adhesive thereby giving a smooth concrete surface and maximize re-usage rates.
- Lightweight panels. Each plastic panel (8-11 kg/m2) can be handled easily by one person, so there is no need to use additional equipment for transporting and assembling.
- Follow-up-work nonbeing. There is no need for panel internal surface treatment with special liquid, because all the tests proved that panels have no adhesion with concrete.
- Easy to clean and store. The smooth plastic surface does not bond to concrete, does not require mold oil application. Panel makes the stripping process very easy and reguire only water cleaning for easy storage. 1000m2 formwork can be stored at area of 23m2.

Foundation forms
Panels are made of tough plastic. As a result panels are very light and safe in comparicon with other traditional formwork.

Slab forms
Panels are especially designed to simplify and be more user-friendly for workers.

Beam forms

Wall forms
With smooth panel surface you can be assured of project quality and on time project completion.

Column forms
Extensive range of standard sizes of formwork enables you to construct a wide range of combinations for column forms.

Panel connection schema

Different formwork type comparison

Description Usage rate Investment costs
Plywood formwork Up to 5-7 times Repeated investments are required.
Metal formwork Up to 30 – 50 times High maintenance cost is required to maintain usage rate.
Plastic formwork Up to 100 times 1 time investment. No maintenance.

Cleaning and storage
Fuvi Plastic panels are easy to clean with simple water hosing, store in flat sheet form.

Conventional application using plastic formwork
- billboards with UV surface protection, no color fading;
- outdor field coverage (protect grass infields);
- walkways and train platforms (non-slippery);
- storage facilities and shelves (quick and easy to assemble);
- outdoor exibition/trade show flooring (elevant frame to allow electrical wires and signal cables to be routed safely underneath);
- performance/concert stages (withstand heavy loads).

News & Events
International building exhibition RESTA 2008 in Klaipeda

On 9th -12th of April, 2008 EUROPACK LLP company took part in international building exhibition RESTA 2008 in Klaipeda, Lithuania. From the first day of the exhibition our production has turned local building companies’ interest.
In the second half of the year 2007 in Mariupol (Ukraine) we have built the warehouse
In the second half of the year 2007 in Mariupol (Ukraine) we have built the warehouse for our offered products storage by ourselves.
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